By becoming a EcoCompounds Inc. retail partner, you can offer your customers EcoCompounds Inc.’s line of high-efficacy commercial cleaning products. With a growing customer base of over 200,000 professionals in a wide range of diverse industry segments, it is crucial that our customers have convenient access to our products, whether that customer is a small business or a large corporation. While our focus is on the cleaning and maintenance professional, a growing number of our products have residential applications as well. EcoCompounds Inc. and its family of brands are building a strong and loyal following among do-it-yourself enthusiasts and homeowners seeking the quality, versatility and performance our brands deliver and among the ever growing EPA Safer Choice products to better serve our communities environmental impact concerns.

EcoCompounds Inc. is continually seeking to reach more customers with its Safer Choice suite of products, whether that is through increased geographical reach or penetration into new specialty areas. Our retail partners include some of the best-known retailers in the segment, and we understand the packaging, sizing and distribution needs of today’s retailer. EcoCompounds Inc. offers wide variety of, high performance cleaning products that meet the highest regulatory standards of the EPA’s Safer Choice criteria. If you and your customers could benefit from a retail partnership with EcoCompounds Inc., please contact Joelle Hoffman at For Industrial retail partnerships, please contact Robert Chelberg at