• "Recently, I had the opportunity to use EcoCompounds Kitchen and Bathroom cleaners.  I am always optimistic about new products but usually I have found them to not clean as well as I had hoped.  However, in this case I am so happy to report that these two products not only clean amazingly well, they have a nice clean smell and are eco friendly. I am chemically sensitive to most cleaners but these products do not cause any issues for me. I have been so impressed that I have given some to friends and family.  I just can’t say enough about how much I truly like this product and it will be the only cleaners I will have in the house. It is nice to finally find something you like and can do the job it claims to do. "
  • Dear David, I am writing to tell you about the remarkable success that we have had with your Kennel, Cage and Pen Cleaner.  As a zoological facility, we always take special care in choosing the chemicals that we use around the animals.  Tigers are particularly sensitive to toxics, and so we often clean their facilities mostly without cleaning products to keep them safe. Finding a non-toxic cleaner like yours that is also bio-degradable has been a huge boon to our facility.  We’ve scrubbed floors clean that literally changed colors because the cleaner was able to strip so many layers of grease, dirt and grime up; it has been, in a word, amazing. Probably the best result we had was in scrubbing out the den box of our white Bengal tiger.  He love to take his food in there for later, and while we wash it down every day, the floor had collected a layer of grease and oils so thick that it was hard to stand in one place and not slide around in there.  A little bit of your cleaner and some scrubbing did so much that the tiger re-marked his territory when he was shifted back in to his cage, an indication that things were so clean that he couldn’t smell his own scent! It looks like we will continue to use your product far in to the future, and we will happily share our new little secret with other facilities as well.  Thank you so much for helping us find a great, safe solution for scrubbing down around our sensitive animals.  
    Jacob Markow, Executive Director
    Wildlife Companions Tiger Sanctuary
  • To whom it may concern: I have been working with your EcoCompounds (Rig Wash) Industrial cleaner degreaser and just need to recommend it to others. I have been working in the Oil industry for approximately 30 years.  In those thirty years I have used everything from hazardous Toluene Solvents and Diesel fuel which work well for cleaning tough crude oil however the industry is shying away from using hazardous chemicals for obvious reasons.  We used Simple Green, ZEP and Citrusolv among others in an attempt find to find a product that will clean crude oil and dirt for everything on my workover rig. My crew used it as a tool wash, equipment wash and rig wash with outstanding results I am happy to say that I have found the cleaner that is non-toxic, does not require a lot of PPE,  my crew loves it because it saves them time and effort and it works great.  The fact that is self remediates and my crew can leave it on the ground is very useful especially in California.  What I really like is that it can be diluted to 1:100 which makes it cost efficient. Thank you again for making such a good product.  
    Kevin Edwards, Tool Pusher
    California Well Services
  • Mr. Calvert: We were pulling rods in the pump and the pump swabbed a bunch of fluid and we sprayed out through the stripping table.  We sprayed oil on the pumping unit and the pad.  Our client did not want to use diesel on the concrete pad which we have used in the past.  So we used EcoCompounds Rig Wash and surprisingly it worked better than diesel. Billy Yates from TEG was pleased that there was not any dark staining on the unit or the pad. Diesel leaves a film afterwards and your product worked better and did not leave a film.  We simply sprayed it off with water and it cleaned right up.  I was amazed that it did not create any sludge.  Great stuff! Eco-Rig wash works better than ZEP, Citrusol and Simple green. I have been working in the Oil field since 1968 for GL Production, Pool, Welltec, Nabors, Hops, etc.  and I have seen products come and go and I have always been skeptical of products that claim to be able to clean crude oil that are environmentally safe.  In the old days we cleaned tools and rigs with Diesel and gasoline.  Obviously that cannot happen today. Thank you so much for your product.  We will continue to use it.  
    Dave Dueck, Tool Pusher
    California Well Services