EcoCompounds Rig Wash is optimized for cleaning and degreasing rigs and equipment floors.  Rig Wash is formulated for low water consumption closed cleaning washing bays.  Rig Wash is a mild alkaline cleaner that is formulated with Low Energy Surfactant (LES) technology, which efficiently enables cleaning and degreasing using cold and heated washers.   Safe for use on sensitive materials, can be used on aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys.


Remove coarse solid particles with a dry brush and then apply the necessary diluted EcoCompounds Rig Wash.

Allow deposits to break up, scrub with brush if necessary and then rinse with water.

Note: Designed for use in automated self contained washers allowing recirculation of product. Heating the solution and or using a high pressure washer will increase the cleaning power.

carpet-and-textile-icon-new RIG WASH

  • Oil Rig Equipment and Flooring
  • Oil Field workover and Drilling Fleets
  • Heated & Cooled Pressure Washers
  • Farm & Construction Equipment
  • Transportation & Railway Fleets
  • Closed System Washing Bays
  • Light Cleaning – 1 Cup / Gallon
  • Medium Cleaning – 2 Cups / Gallon
  • Heavy Cleaning – Full Strength
TESTIMONIAL – Dave Dueck, California Well Services,
We were pulling rods in the pump and the pump swabbed a bunch of fluid and we sprayed out through the stripping table.  We sprayed oil on the pumping unit and the pad.  Our client did not want to use diesel on the concrete pad which we have used in the past.  So we used EcoCompounds Rig Wash and surprisingly it worked better than diesel. Billy Yates from TEG was pleased that there was not any dark staining on the unit or the pad.
 Diesel leaves a film afterwards and your product worked better and did not leave a film.  We simply sprayed it off with water and it cleaned right up.  I was amazed that it did not create any sludge.  Great stuff! Eco-Rig wash works better than ZEP, Citrusol and Simple green.
 I have been working in the Oil field since 1968 for GL Production, Pool, Welltec, Nabors, Hops, etc.  and I have seen products come and go and I have always been skeptical of products that claim to be able to clean crude oil that are environmentally safe.  In the old days we cleaned tools and rigs with Diesel and gasoline.  Obviously that cannot happen today. 



The demand for ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE products has never been higher as companies turn to ecologically safer products to meet their heavy industrial cleaning needs. EcoCompounds offers proven, and effective solutions that are a “Safer Choice” to meet those needs.

  • Contains Biodegradable Surfactants
  • EPA Certified Direct Release
  • EPA, NCP, and Prop 65 Compliant
  • EPA Safer Choice Ingredients
  • Safe for Septic/Drainage Systems


As companies turn to ecologically safer products to meet their heavy industrial cleaning needs, the demand for ECO products has never been higher. Eco Compounds offers proven, advanced chemistry and 100% ecological solutions to meet those needs.







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