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EcoCompounds Kennel, Cage & Pen cleaner is formulated to dissolve hard to remove organic matter such as blood, vomit, feces, urine, dirt, grease, etc. and is effective and safer to humans and animals. Use as an all-purpose cleaner or a pre-cleaner before disinfectant use; reducing the use of disinfectants. There is no ammonia,  and no harsh fumes!

EcoCompounds Kennel, Cage and Pen is safe to use indoors and outdoors and it will not harm carpets, furniture, grass, plants, trees or shrubs.


Ensure large organic material is removed from the environment prior to use. Apply recommended concentrations and let soak for 5 minutes. For dried on material, scrub until material is free. Rinse completely. Apply approved disinfectant as necessary.

  • Zoos, Livestock, & Animal Housing
  • Dirt, Grease & Animal Waste
  • Feeding Areas & Utensils
  • Bins, Troughs, Tubs & Buckets
  • Veterinary Exam Rooms
  • Veterinary Treatment Facilities
  • Light Cleaning – 1/4 Cup / Gallon
  • Medium Cleaning – 1/2 Cup / Gallon
  • Heavy Cleaning – 1 Cup / Gallon
  • Extremely Dirty – 2 Cups / Gallon
TESTIMONIAL –  Jacob Markow, Executive Director, Wildlife Companions Tiger Sanctuary
I am writing to tell you about the remarkable success that we have had with your Kennel, Cage and Pen Cleaner product. As a zoological facility, we always take special care in choosing the chemicals that we use around the animals. Tigers are particularly sensitive to toxics, and so we often clean their facilities mostly without cleaning products to keep them safe.
Finding a non-toxic cleaner like yours that is also bio-degradable has been a huge boon to our facility. We’ve scrubbed floors clean that literally changed colors because the cleaner was able to strip so many layers of grease, dirt and grime up; it has been, in a word, amazing.
Probably the best result we had was in scrubbing out the den box of our white Bengal tiger. He love to take his food in there for later, and while we wash it down every day, the floor had collected a layer of grease and oils so thick that it was hard to stand in one place and not slide around in there. A little bit of your cleaner and some scrubbing did so much that the tiger re-marked his territory when he was shifted back in to his cage, an indication that things were so clean that he couldn’t smell his own scent!



The demand for ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE products has never been higher as companies turn to ecologically safer products to meet their heavy industrial cleaning needs. EcoCompounds offers proven, and effective solutions that are a “Safer Choice” to meet those needs.

  • PETA Cruelty Free Certified
  • Contains Biodegradable Surfactants
  • EPA, NCP, and Prop 65 Compliant
  • Contains EPA Safer Choice Ingredients


As companies turn to ecologically safer products to meet their heavy industrial cleaning needs, the demand for ECO products has never been higher. Eco Compounds offers proven, advanced chemistry and 100% ecological solutions to meet those needs.







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